Highland Inspire

Spreading disability awareness and all-round positivity to everybody everywhere

About Us

We are a small group based primarily in the Scottish Highlands, and we all want to do our bit to raise awareness of disabilities and mental health. This project has been in the works since June 2020, in place of an in-person event that had been previously planned by Inspire Highland/HCYPF (see our Charities Index for more info about what HCYPF is and what they do), and features contributions from writers in, out and round-about the Highlands. We even have poetry all the way from Israel and India!

The contributors involved in each issue of the magazine are listed on our Issues Index, and you'll find a list of our key team members on the inside cover (spread 2) of each issue. We also have a contributors' group on Facebook, which you can access and ask to join here.

Our Aims

While the majority of our core team aren't disabled, our editor (that's me, the one writing this!) most definitely is: I have personal experience of autism, physical disabilities, visual impairments, chronic pain and depression. I also have done a lot of work researching dyslexia and other accessibility-related conditions, to ensure that this site and its contents are as easy-to-read as possible.

You'll also have likely noticed the link to our Charity Index in the navigation bar above. We're doing our best not only to spread awareness of disabilities and mental health/additional needs, but also to raise money for some of the really brilliant charity organisations around Highland (and wider Scotland/UK too). We aren't affiliated to any of these non-profits, but some are very close to our hearts, and I urge you to take a look if you get the chance.


Most importantly, we also take emotional health very seriously. For this purpose, we have also elected a dedicated morale officer to our team. She's also the only member of the team who has consented to having her photograph included here:

Toffee, a 12-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, looking very happy on a walk in the woods.

Morale Officer Toffee, enjoying the fresh air!

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