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Welcome to the Charities Index!

As our name suggests, we don't make this magazine to make money - we aren't a business, quite the opposite. We don't charge a fee for access to this site, only a minimum suggested donation to get a print copy sent in the post. And, obviously, we also encourage donations.

However, we're not a charity ourselves. Instead, we aim to support other pre-existing charities, which either benefit our local community (the Scottish Highlands) or hold some special significance to one of our contributors or team members. Each month we highlight two charities on our back cover of the magazine issues, but this by no way limits which charities can benefit from a donation. Below, you'll find a brief list of the various non-profits we think are especially awesome.

But please remember: if you know of another charity who deserve a special spotlight, you can shoot us an email by visiting our Contact page.

The Index

Highland Charities

Befrienders Highland

Based in Inverness, Befrienders Highland are not just 'a mental health charity'. Instead, their hard-working team of volunteers help any and all adults across Highland, whether they are dealing with mental health issues, or simply feeling a little isolated.

Donations allow them to travel and befriend those who need it most, as well as providing various online services. Throughout the pandemic, especially, their online resources and services have been a godsend for so many.

Visit their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Highland Children and Young People's Forum

Formerly known simply as the 'Highland Children's Forum', HCYPF have recently changed their name to reflect on the wide range and extent of support that they offer to children and young people (those aged under 25) throughout Highland. They support various awareness and fundraising projects from all over the area, and are also the minds behind Inspire Highland - the very group this magazine sprung out of!

Furthermore, they do amazing work every day to continue raising awareness of children and young people's needs (both regarding disabilities/'additional' needs, and those that apply to all in Highland). They are always attempting to make positive changes on each and any scale, from fortnightly Inspire Highland meetings to keep up the morale of young disabled people, to approaching MPs and policy makers on the topmost level of the Scottish government.

Visit their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

...Other Scottish Charities

Friends of the Neuro Ward (Aberdeen)

The Friends of the Neuro Ward (FOTNW for short) are a hospital-based charity, who do some absolutely invaluable work to make the lives of patients a little easier. They are based both at Ward 205 in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and the Woodend Rehabilitation Unit.

Some of their work is easily visible: for example, providing dressing gowns for all neuro patients (as the CT scanner's in the freezing-cold basement!). However, much of it is behind-the-scenes, campaigning and fundraising for equipment and new treatments for patients. Everything they do is absolutely amazing, though, and they also have the cutest logo I've ever seen!

Visit their website, or find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Other UK Charities

Guide Dogs UK

Guide Dogs is a working name for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, who provide so many vital services for anybody and everybody dealing with visual impairment or blindness. They also put a lot of emphasis on giving as much support as possible to all children and young people dealing with sight loss, by making society as accessible for them as possible, with everything from large-print books, to mobility aids, to...you guessed it: training guide dogs.

The process of breeding, training and supporting a guide dog costs around £63,000 (figure from 2018, on the Guide Dogs UK website). Making a donation, no matter how small, will help someone, somewhere, have the support of a guide dog in navigating their day-to-day life.

Visit their website, or find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.