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Disabled Creators

The list below contains information about so many disabled creators, both those in the UK, and abroad (although all listings on this page are primarily English-speaking). Regardless of their condition(s), however, these people don't necessarily only talk about their disabilities - a number of these creators started making content online long before any diagnosis. So all of the entries below are lovely, multi-faceted people with lots of positivity to help you learn more about disabilities, or if you're looking for a sense of solidarity if you're new to the community. Enjoy!

Browse by area of expertise/condition(s), or simply scroll through to discover some new creators to watch and/or read about! If a creator has multiple disabilities (which fall into multiple categories) then you'll find them listed under the first heading that applies to them. For instance, if someone is physically disabled and they are also autistic, they will be listed under the 'Physical Disabilities' section.

Physical Disabilities

A photo of Jessica, a white woman with red hair, looking off-camera and generally looking fabulous, wearing a flowery dark blue dress with a white Peter Pan-style collar.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is a deaf Youtuber who makes videos about not only the prettiest vintage clothes and her wonderful doggies, but also disabilities. She has two genetic disabilities, but also deals with chronic pain (just like our editor!), and talks a lot about how to deal with that, and lots of other brilliant disability survival tips. Her channel is also a really good place to go if you're looking for some solidarity and relatability.

Go explore Jessica's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. (You could also check out Jessica's joint

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A photo of Nikki, who has black hair and some blue face paint stripes on her face. She is sitting in front of a plain black background.

Nicole Lilly Christou (a.k.a Nikki Lilly)

Nikki is a Youtuber, charity campaigner and TV presenter, who also lives with chronic illness and was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) at the age of 6. Since she was 8, however, she's gone on to run her Youtube channel, which encompasses everything from disability advocacy to make-up and baking. Nikki and her family have also founded the Butterfly AVM Charity, to further raise awareness of the condition, and to support sufferers and their families.

Go explore Nikki's channel, or check out her Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok, or find her book on Amazon.

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A photo of Ollie, who has blond hair, smiling while standing in an airport with his wheelchair and a bag which, presumably, contains his fencing gear. He is wearing a blue tracksuit.

Oliver Lam-Watson

Oliver (Ollie) ia a disabled Youtuber, photographer, and wheelchair fencer. He primarily uses his channel as a means to debunk and destigmatize the word 'disabled' and the myths about having a disability, heralding the hashtag #changethefaceofdisability. Ollie is also a member of the Team GB Wheelchair Fencing team for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (to be held August 2021).

Go explore Ollie's channel, or check out his Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

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Gem Hubbarb (a.k.a. WheelsNoHeels)

Gem is a bright and bubbly Digital Creator, who speaks openly about disability equality and accessibility. After suffering a permanent spinal cord injury, she has found every possible positive spin on life - she shares resources on being a disabled person on public transport and while travelling on planes, for example, alongside 'masterclasses' in how to use a wheelchair, and tips on the best clothes to wear so you don't end up sitting uncomfortably in your chair! Her travel vlogs are also fascinating - go have a look!

Go explore Gem's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, or consider buying her a virtual coffee.

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Kartier Rose (a.k.a. Kat)

Kat is a disability activist and model from Yorkshire, who makes videos and posts online about her experiences living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She aims to spread awareness not only of what disabilities are like, and how they affect people, but also provides information on how abled people should act to make the world a more accessible place for disabled people (a very important thing to talk about)!

Go explore Kat's channel, or check out her Twitter or Instagram.

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Megan Bacon-Evans (a.k.a. WhatWeganDidNext)

Megan is an LGBTQ+ and disability activist who speaks openly about her experiences as a physically-diabled person. She calls her shorter arm 'handy', which is brilliant, and has recently started speaking more and more about her life experiences as a disabled person. She is also a Youtuber and vlogger who makes content along with her wife Whitney about lots of other awesome things - so check it out!

Go explore Megan and Whitney's channel, Facebook page or their joint Instagram; or check out Megan's Twitter or Instagram.

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Invisible Disabilities

Hannah Witton

Hannah is primarily a sex and relationships educator, but also has a stoma (ileostomy) and talks about this from time to time. She also talks a lot about fashion, books, and what it's like working for yourself and being your own boss. Hannah actually has two channels, and her second channel, More Hannah is more of a lifestyle channel, featuring a lot of discussion around productivity and content creation.

Go explore Hannah's main channel, her second channel, or you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or consider supporting her on Patreon.

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Annie Segarra (a.k.a. Annie Elainey)

Annie is a Youtuber and intersectional activist, who creates content and videos on various topics, from disabilities (such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), to LGBTQ+ issues, to all areas of art, writing and other creative areas. Her channel and other social medias are a really interesting mix of raising awareness of accessibility issues, alongside various examples of Annie's artwork and original writing, and I really recommend you check it out!

Go explore Annie's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, or consider supporting her on Patreon. (Please Note: some of the text on Annie's Patreon is in French - however the actual content is primarily English)

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Stevie Boebi

Stevie is also a sex educator, who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and talks a lot about her own journey with disability and diagnosis. She's also American, who has moved to the UK with her British girlfriend, so there are some great videos that show her trying quintessential British snacks, attempting the UK Citizenship test, and various other weird and wonderful things. Basically, she's hilarious!

Go explore Stevie's channel, or check out her Twitter, Instagram, or consider supporting her on Patreon.

Amy Lee Fisher

Amy is an Australian (born in UK) Youtuber who also has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (alongside various other chronic illness conditions such as PoTS and CFS), and uses her channel(s) to spread awareness of her chronic illness journey, and what happens during the time she spends in hospital. She takes an overwhelmingly honest and unabridged approach to what she documents through her videos, and features other, non-health-related content on her secondary vlogging channel, Amy's Life, to show that life doesn't end at diagnosis.

Amy sadly passed away in April 2021, but her Youtube channels both still contain a wealth of information and her talking about her experiences.

Go explore Amy's main channel, her vlogging channel, or check out her Twitter or Instagram.

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Krystal-Bella Shaw

Krystal-Bella is a model in her twenties, who blogs and vlogs about her experiences of living with dyspraxia, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder. She does lots of work to raise awareness of issues relating to dyspraxia in particular, as well as mental health issues, and endrometriosis. Her channel is also a place of safety and comfort for people living with any medical condition or other additional need, and the tagline of this community is that on Wednesdays, 'we wear pink', in true Mean Girls tradition.

Go explore Krystal-Bella's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

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Luke (a.k.a. MiffedCrew)

Luke is an autistic and dyspraxic animator and gamer who primarily makes content expanding off of the Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) game franchise. He is also the creator of the character 'Baby Fox' who features in his animations. Besides FNAF, he also makes gaming videos on a second channel, and occasionally collaborates with other creators to speak about having autism/Asperger's Syndrome and dyspraxia.

Go explore Luke's main channel, his gaming channel, or check out his Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.

(NOTE: Some people may find FNAF content frightening - please bear this in mind before diving in!)

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Rowan Ellis

Rowan is an LGBTQ+ Youtuber and activist who makes regular 'video essays' on topics such as: 'Queerbaiting 101', 'Disney and the AIDS Crisis', and plenty more fascinating topics surrounding subjects like pop culture and feminism. She also deals with primarily obsessional OCD, and has spoken about it on occasion - for both topics, she heavily focuses on media portrayals of marginalised communities, and how this can be improved. Most notably, she has also been covered in publications including (but not limited to!): Forbes, Vogue and The Guardian.

Go explore Rowan's channel, or check out her Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, or consider supporting her on Patreon.

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Charlie Vincett (a.k.a. CharlieVlogs)

Charlie is a Youtuber and blogger who makes videos about all sorts of topics, from money-saving challenges to everyday-style daily vlogs. He also happens to have OCD and occasionally makes content on the subject of disability/OCD and mental health.

Go explore Charlie's channel, or check out his Twitter or Instagram.

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Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain

Hannah Hodgson

Hannah is an awareness blogger and amazing writer and poet, who lives with multiple chronic illnesses. She is also a public speaker and writes stories, poems and comics about her experiences of chronic illness, ileostomies, and various other disability-related topics. Recently, there hasn't been a great deal of activity on her channel, but she has written on her blog about how the pandemic and lockdown has affected her, so definitely go check out her stuff. (She's also had writing published in various places...it's very cool!)

Go explore Hannah's channel, or check out her Twitter or Instagram, or check out her blog.

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Annika Victoria

Annika is a very much multi-talented Australian Youtuber, who mainly makes videos about sewing and various other DIY projects, but occasionally about disability as well. She uses this as a way to escape the stress of living with Takayasu's Arteritis, an incurable and potentially life-threatening medical condition. Alongside sharing so many of her sewing expertise through her channel, she also speaks openly about using mobility aids, mental illness, plus body positivity and sustainable fashion.

Go explore Annika's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or check out her Patreon.

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Mimi Butlin (a.k.a. @cantgoout_imsick)

Mimi is a very talented illustrator who makes art about positivity, acceptance, and what it's like to live with a chronic illness. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of viral meningitis when she was [age], and now uses her artwork to raise awareness of what fibromyalgia is, and the overwhelming impact it has on a person's daily life.

Check out Mimi's main Instagram, her @cantgoout_imsick Instagram (currently inactive) or you can also sometimes find some of her previous artwork reposted on Pinterest.

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Visual & Auditory Impairments

Lucy Edwards

Lucy is a British journalist, broadcaster and presenter who is also blind (and has a really cute guide dog called Olga) and has a Youtube channel that, in her words, documents her 'blind British adventures'. While the work she does doesn't totally revolve around her disability, she also does lots of really great work to raise awareness of disabilities, and raise money for related charities - such as running the London marathon in 2017 to raise funds for Guide Dogs UK. Most notably, she's continued this work with Guide Dogs, collaborating to create a series of educational videos on Youtube, Blind Hacks, answering all the biggest and most frequently-asked questions about living with sight loss.

Go explore Lucy's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, or watch some of her other 'blind life hacks' on Tiktok.

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Molly Burke

Molly describes herself as a 'typical sushi and makeup-loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind'. She is a Youtuber and motivational speaker, who covers all parts of life, including her childhood diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, travel vlogs, and some ultra-cute kitten videos - Molly has spoken out openly about her blindness since the age of just 5! She is also an author and a model - not to mention extremely stylish!

Go explore Molly's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, or check out her Patreon.

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Chella Man

Chella is a deaf, trans artist, writer, model and public speaker. He speaks openly about many issues and areas of life, from his religion (Judaism), to ethnicity (Chinese), to disability and being genderqueer. Chella's personal motto is, "Be your own representation", and this is a running theme through everything he does, breaking down barriers everywhere.

Go explore Chella's channel, or check out his personal Instagram or dedicated art Instagram.

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Mental Health

Charlotte Hockey (a.k.a. LunarChar)

Char describes herself as a 'Tea drinking cliche 20-year-old girl who wonders if their myriad of bizarre thoughts inside my head may once be worthwhile once written down'. She blogs mostly about books and mental health issues, but also anything else that she finds particularly interesting, plus she sometimes makes Youtube videos as well. Right now, she is also using her platform to try and raise funds to allow her to buy a wheelchair. Please go and check out her work, and consider supporting her wheelchair fund if you're able!

Go explore Char's channel, or check out her Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Goodreads, or consider buying her a virtual coffee.

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